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A complete WiFi based module can now seamlessly connect your device to the Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform of your choice. No WiFi or networking experience is necessary. It is all plug and play, with pre-loaded CLOUD connected firmware, eliminating the complexity in all internet communication. This  allows your devices to connect and communicate in no time. The WiFi core gives a very small hardware footprint.

The DeviceDrive Cloud-on-Chip firmware and cloud platform take care of the whole value chain from design and construction and all the way to the end user. The IoT revolution is here and now, so please do not miss the opportunity of reaching otherwise unreachable market segments. The DeviceDrive technology gives you the ability to communicate and get valuable feedback from end users and their devices, so that you can improve your products, services and applications.


The DeviceDrive Cloud platform gives you the right tools and services to handle connections, gather and make sense of data, and provide the reliable customer experiences required for modern hardware devices. Your device sends JSON formatted data, and gets JSON back from the cloud without having to worry about how it all happened. Our LinkUp SDKs lets your mobile App link the device seamlessly to the network, to the user and to the cloud.

Use our management portal to monitor and debug communication flow and direct the data to a destination of your choice for each of your products.


The coming DeviceDrive RULES engine will make it possible to connect devices across brands and protocols. This unleashes the full power of your device by simply making it a part of a bigger ecosystem. E.g., the fire alarm switches on all lights in the house and rises the bed to upright position. DeviceDrive is determined to support as many standard IoT protocols and brands as possible in a single App.


Safety applications such as fire alarms and burglar alarms often require local cooperation among devices as a redundancy fall-back. In these cases, we strongly recommend adding local radio communication supported by smart phones. Bluetooth LE-MESH is on its way, and DeviceDrive is working towards supporting this standard in the same radio chip as the WiFi.